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January 03, 2009


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Bruce Vigneault

Wouldn't using your cell phone as a tether be analogous to using a proxie (as far as the aup is concerned)?


A proxy is a website that allows you to bypass the district blocking WHILE you are on the district internet.

When I tether, I am using my own computer (which they don't want on the school network), using my own internet service, during my own time -- both lunch and planning period is considered my own time. From the district standpoint, it should be no different then when I am using my cellphone.

Thus tethering is no different than working on curriculum, etc at home.

Alfred Thompson

Generally the AUP covers using the school's network and perhaps the computer and school owned software. Using a proxy violates the integrity of that network and *may* violate wording of the AUP. Using a tether bypasses the network completely. Of course a lot depends on how the AUP is worded, how picky the administration/IT department is and who owns the equipment in use. But in general I see using the tether as more analogous to using ones personal phone to call a parent about school related business when the school’s phone doesn’t give the teacher an outside line.

It’s a tricky question though and I can see people viewing it either way. But the real wrong thing here, in my opinion, is an IT department that makes it difficult for a teacher to access educational resources.

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