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Final Bill -- @Pillpack left a very bad last impression

So I got my last Pill Pack bill for $344.92.  Typical bills before then, ranged from $120-$160 a month, depending on what all I needed in mail order (insulin, needles, etc).

Not a good impression.

And please don't bother to contact me via phone, and only email me if you are telling me that bill is a mistake.

The called me within 30 minutes of my first post complaining yesterday.

@Pillpack Correction but still moving

It seems the reason I didn’t get notified about the Innokana prescription is that they were billing it to Innokana and Express wasn’t involved.


I’m still leaving PillPack.  Their phone hold times this week have been over 10 minutes.

I’m transitioning to use an Express Scripts Pharmacy Plus and 90 day prescriptions, primarily to save money.  Express Scripts it’s over $1000 of savings.  We’ll see.

And what prompted this post?  I got a phone call about an hour after I made the previous Pill Pack post – which means someone might be listening.

Fired @PillPack because of a preauthorization screwup

PillPack contacted me last week to tell me that my generic Celebrex prescription need a preauthorization before the next shipment, a week away.

Went to the doctors office yesterday to straighten out that and another prescription problem and did find out that the majority of the issue was on there in but....

In dealing with this found out that Innokana had the same issue AND THEY DIDN'T tell me.

So, after dealing with this for a week and seeing how much I am paying for their service, I am gone. 

So far the prescriptions were not transferred yet to a local pharmacy because I took them a script for yesterday and the pharmacy didn't get the request yet.  

Next task is to find all my copay offers.  Fun.

Saw Cornea Specialist

I'm good!  Out of the contact lens bandage which I think was irritating me.  She did say it had debris on it.

Artificial tears over 4 times a day and ointment at night.  She sees me in 3 weeks, and then I see the regular eye doctor 3 weeks after.  I don't want to get a prescription and then have to go back and get another a few weeks later.

Thank you for prayers and concern.  I was a bit scared.

Friday Eye Update

I have finished the steroid eyedrops.  I am down to an NSAID drop a day, artificial tears in both eyes 4 times a day, and antibiotic eyedrops 4 times a day.

Vision is no longer cloudy but have a major blur going on.  A little disturbed because they took a $120 copay and insurance says it's $25. That always comes out in the wash with them not charging for after care or getting a check from Aetna. Occasionally I have to call the billing department to get it together.  

Had to make that call to Medtronic yesterday and to my diabetes doctor (old one) today.

However, I love my insurance. 

Eye update

Doing well.  Better than yesterday, not as much photosensitivity and better on the blur I think.  So much better than before doctor saw me.  I am attributing the blur to the contact lens bandage.

No pain, but I'm sure that's because of the NSAID eye drops.

Day after Repair

Woke up very photo sensitive and with two very dry eyes.  Put artificial tears in each eye.

Marked each of the bottles with a sharper to indicate which I take.  One is once a day, two are twice a day.  I have a feeling that it doesn't matter how often I use artificial tears as long as I wait 10 minutes between drops so as not to wash out the others.

Pain is a very low buzz if that, more photo sensitive than anything.  That eye isn't as clear as after the repair but loads better than before the repair.

Did do a conformation class with Summer last night, but quit as soon as I started sweating.  About 50 minutes in.

Getting my eye repaired

At a cornea specialist and she doesn't think the dental procedure cause the eye issue. I have had dry eye issues before. She is doing a debradement and putting in a contact lens bandage. 

They assure me that it will hurt but the contact lens will help that.

 I promise I will put tears in my eye from now on.