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Good cornea news and good insurance news
My Dexcom Receiver arrived today

Finally going down in my insulin usage and interesting letters

First, when I went on the VIctoza, I had some lows, so we went the wrong way in adjusting insulin usage.  Reducing insulin usage too much in this case was better than too little because I hate lows.  Smile

First we have the basal and dropped the bolus dosage.  I even tried going off pump for a few days.  Didn’t work, my blood sugar was way too high.  So I decided to try halving the bolus dosage and that really helped. I still had to bump up the basal a bit, but I started waking up with blood sugars under 120.  This is a good thing.

Lately I’ve seen fasting blood sugars in the 90-110 range, so I’m really glad.  The last couple of days I woke to blood sugars in the 90s, so now I’m bumping down the basal dosage a bit.  I’m also going to start watching after meal dosages more closely.

The goal is to get off the pump when I run out of supplies.

I’m thinking of turning off the USPS Informed Delivery.  Yesterday I got a letter from each diabetes doctor’s  office.  I knew the new doctor would be sending me a “thank you” for joining the practice, but since I had written a letter terminating services from the other diabetes doctor’s office, I was afraid this was a letter of protest.

No, it was part of a mailing they had done to all their patients, inviting us to come to the new office. Don’t think so.