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Loving the Dexcom
Good cornea news and good insurance news

Things are looking good insurance wise

I got on a “kick” today to make sure everything was straight insurance wise with my pharmacy since I got call that they were trying to get the doctor to respond on a prescription.

So Freestyle Libre is cancelled everywhere.

I picked up my Dexcom Transmitter and Sensor Friday and numbers are quite good since.  Let me tell you when that high blood sugar alert goes off, you stop eating.  Zero out of pocket.

Met deductible on the 12th of January with my Victoria.  There was a huge out of pocket on that since I was still had not met. 

The doctor’s appointment costs are interesting since I now pay 20%. 

My costs to the endocrinologist has been $39.72 for office visit, where I paid $25.00 before.  My labs are another $40.00 so far.   That was usually $25 and $25 each.

So far, it is all looking manageable.