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Fun afternoon
New Endocrinologist Update

New Endocrinologist thanks to @rubenhealth

Sort of.

If you want, I am the first call on January 18th, Sirius Doctor Radio, Health Connect. You get to can hear my voice.

Technically my fourth endocrinologist this year considering my doctor of 12 years retired. He was my first endocrinologist.

I liked the second but his office went out of business. I kept getting messages and emails that they were coming back but for some reason it seems he can’t get Aetna coverage. He hired another doctor that was supposed to be in network, but the billing says she isn’t. Plus, I got billed for an in office procedure instead of an office visit. I call but the response is more messed up billing.

My primary care physician asked me to wait as a new endocrinologist was opening up practice in the space of the first endocrinologist but she didn’t open her practice until December.

I called yesterday and got my choice of 4 appointment slots. I have heard back from her office twice today after seeing her at 8:00 am and all the prescriptions are in the pharmacy. Everything else is going through the primary care.

We did labs and we both think they will be below 7, looking at my pump and my logs. She is thrilled with blood pressure but I am still not sure but we will see again with primary care.

She loved how I managed the switch to Victoza and wants to up that. Playing with that with a first .6 increase.

She wants me to go to Dexcom but CVS is charging about a third of the Dexcom cost so we are trying that first.

Happy dance.

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