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Dexcom Victory - Almost
Things are looking good insurance wise

Loving the Dexcom

I've had the Dexcom and the Enlight Sensor on since about 5:00 pm yesterday.  Both are working great. 

I do have two Enlight Sensors – returns from Medtronic's if anyone needs.

Anyone both of them are cruising right along and giving similar reasons.  The Enlight has been on since Tuesday, and I don’t see any reason to pull it.  Right now, I would not say if one is better than the other. 

I am getting super blood sugar readings and my new endo taught me something I’m sure she didn’t know.  I really think upping the dosage by .06 for three days helped things.  I’ve got enough extra that I might pull that off whenever I see bad numbers again.

I am seeing a morning spike, but I think exercise fixes it so far.  I’m keeping an eye on it.