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Loving #onedrop–and getting everything to Sync with my iPhone
Horrible Experience with @CVS Specialty Pharmacy @CVSpharmacy

Loving #onedrop though yesterday sucked

I have been doing much better at logging since @OneDrop.  

I still skip logging a snack or two but I have been blousing for everything.  My doctor had me stop after the Victoza problem but my numbers were off. 

My numbers have been good lately after I started blousing for meals but at half the rate I was before Victoza. I had bad numbers yesterday but couldn’t work out. It was under 30 degrees and we were getting a fine mist of rain. It evaporated quickly thanks to our drought. I have made it today. 

I have been consistently been doing weight workouts for the last few weeks. I am dreading the resolution crowd who come and are clueless on how to behave. 

My TDD is half what it was before Victoza. I have 8 boxes of supplies and a drawer full of insulin.  The new costs are up in the CVS/Caremark app and the Aetna app.  

All fun.