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Fun afternoon

I hate printers.  I hate printers so much, I don’t use the two I have.

So I get an emergency phone call will I please set up his printer, his friend can’t figure it out.  I try to help the friend on the phone, and he can’t figure it out.  So I drive an hour, takes me about 20 minutes to get said printer on network, printer talking to computer, install new cartridges, and print a test page.

So the friend tells me that my pants are too loud.  Well, I hopped in a car and drove an hour to do a 20 minute unpaid job.  You don’t get to tell me what to wear and I’m not changing clothing from the gym for a free job.

And the conversation started with somehow is computer is showing not English.  Oh good news, it was only Facebook, and I could talk them through that.  How do you accidently switch to French?

Frustration with the Dental College

I’ve been going to the local dental school for dental care for the last 2 plus years.  We did the first set of x-rays in two years, and they found what might mean a crown in one tooth.  I wanted them to look at it yesterday, but there wasn’t enough time and will have to wait until Friday.

I will say that the professor who insists it needs a root canal in crown is usually alarmist.  The student just wanted to watch it.  I can’t help but think we should have done an x-ray last year and seen it then.

The good news, one other tooth needed a filling replaced and that fixed a problem I’ve had for several years – food keeps getting stuck there.

So this week was 5 fillings, x-ray and cleaning.

Next Friday we look at the last tooth.

On a happier note, while last week’s dog show caused a weight spike, I’ve had steady loss ever since.

@CVSPharmacy Called

After my complaint about the customer service call, CVS Pharmacy reached out.  As I told them, the good news, is that 4 calls were great – but those were the ones I initiated.

Good/bad news.  I’ve met my deductible.  So now we get to see how the 80/20 works.

Dental Victory

Throughout my adult life, I have been dealing with early stage periodontal disease.  It got so bad, I finally had endo surgery last year, at Baylor Dental College.  BTW, they aren’t kidding about the surgery part, though I have written about that before.

Yesterday, had an exam by the dental students and my gums were all 1-3, though I would admit to more 3’s than 1 or 2.  Also he said my plaque percentage was 12% and good is considered anything below 25%.  So I am getting there and also blaming my Quip toothbrush for some of the change.

Horrible Experience with @CVS Specialty Pharmacy @CVSpharmacy

I will start with the times I have called their 1-800 number I have been impressed with service.

I got a call from them and had to wait 2 minutes to talk to a representative.  I was then on the line for 20 minutes.

She got nothing I said correct, and frequently raid things off her screen incorrectly.  Like my phone number, my CC card, and address information.  Finally the call disconnected, not sure if it was my cell or her, but I wasn’t driving at the time, so I am guessing her.

I waited 15 minutes and she never called me back though she took my phone number.  Though she did repeat it back wrong.

When I called, everything was set up correctly but the shipping address.  They have to ship this med to the doctor’s office.  The person I got that time was great, and verified everything had been set up correctly but the shipping address. 

And so it starts.  $982 towards my deductible and max out of pocket.

Loving #onedrop though yesterday sucked

I have been doing much better at logging since @OneDrop.  

I still skip logging a snack or two but I have been blousing for everything.  My doctor had me stop after the Victoza problem but my numbers were off. 

My numbers have been good lately after I started blousing for meals but at half the rate I was before Victoza. I had bad numbers yesterday but couldn’t work out. It was under 30 degrees and we were getting a fine mist of rain. It evaporated quickly thanks to our drought. I have made it today. 

I have been consistently been doing weight workouts for the last few weeks. I am dreading the resolution crowd who come and are clueless on how to behave. 

My TDD is half what it was before Victoza. I have 8 boxes of supplies and a drawer full of insulin.  The new costs are up in the CVS/Caremark app and the Aetna app.  

All fun.