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Loving #onedrop though yesterday sucked
Dental Victory

Horrible Experience with @CVS Specialty Pharmacy @CVSpharmacy

I will start with the times I have called their 1-800 number I have been impressed with service.

I got a call from them and had to wait 2 minutes to talk to a representative.  I was then on the line for 20 minutes.

She got nothing I said correct, and frequently raid things off her screen incorrectly.  Like my phone number, my CC card, and address information.  Finally the call disconnected, not sure if it was my cell or her, but I wasn’t driving at the time, so I am guessing her.

I waited 15 minutes and she never called me back though she took my phone number.  Though she did repeat it back wrong.

When I called, everything was set up correctly but the shipping address.  They have to ship this med to the doctor’s office.  The person I got that time was great, and verified everything had been set up correctly but the shipping address. 

And so it starts.  $982 towards my deductible and max out of pocket.