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Frustration with the Dental College

Fun afternoon

I hate printers.  I hate printers so much, I don’t use the two I have.

So I get an emergency phone call will I please set up his printer, his friend can’t figure it out.  I try to help the friend on the phone, and he can’t figure it out.  So I drive an hour, takes me about 20 minutes to get said printer on network, printer talking to computer, install new cartridges, and print a test page.

So the friend tells me that my pants are too loud.  Well, I hopped in a car and drove an hour to do a 20 minute unpaid job.  You don’t get to tell me what to wear and I’m not changing clothing from the gym for a free job.

And the conversation started with somehow is computer is showing not English.  Oh good news, it was only Facebook, and I could talk them through that.  How do you accidently switch to French?