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Fun afternoon

Frustration with the Dental College

I’ve been going to the local dental school for dental care for the last 2 plus years.  We did the first set of x-rays in two years, and they found what might mean a crown in one tooth.  I wanted them to look at it yesterday, but there wasn’t enough time and will have to wait until Friday.

I will say that the professor who insists it needs a root canal in crown is usually alarmist.  The student just wanted to watch it.  I can’t help but think we should have done an x-ray last year and seen it then.

The good news, one other tooth needed a filling replaced and that fixed a problem I’ve had for several years – food keeps getting stuck there.

So this week was 5 fillings, x-ray and cleaning.

Next Friday we look at the last tooth.

On a happier note, while last week’s dog show caused a weight spike, I’ve had steady loss ever since.