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Dexcom revisited - Caremark patients can have it without preauthorization.
Loving the Dexcom

Dexcom Victory - Almost

Got a call at 4:00 pm from my pharmacist.  Seems my sensors and transmitter had come.  I was pretty sure that I didn't really need the receiver, but I called Dexcom to check.  So hopped into the car, and went and got them.

So cool -- script was translated and entered into the system yesterday morning (see previous post).  The key components arrived today.  No insurance preauthorization, no waiting for a trainer, lots of good videos on the internet to see how to hook things up.  My biggest problem is that I walk away from my phone.

Oh, and no charge after the vouchers.

I've currently am $3864.91 towards my out of pocket.  There are still quite a few claims related to the labs run this week, and next week I see my cornea specialist.

But now I can see my blood sugar on my phone and my watch.  Just need to remember not to walk away from my phone.