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Victoza Approved!
Interesting eyeglass day

Victoza update

I'm on my 4th pen.

Blood sugar is stable -- we eliminated the meal time insulin since that isn't approved on the package and caused problems, and reduce the basal to half.  I've been upping the basal by .25 units both patterns, morning and night until my fasting blood sugar drops to a good level.  I'm been waking up with blood sugars at 140. 

My TDD is down to 20 units from around 60 to 80 units.

My weight is slowing dropping.

All good.

I tried going off pump on Friday, but my blood sugar climbed too much without it.  It's easier to use the pump then give injections.

I currently have about 6 months worth of supplies and over a year's worth of insulin at my current rate.

Still hard to wrap my head around that I don't need to pump.  But then Victoza came out way before I went on the pump.