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Interesting eyeglass day
Loving #onedrop–and getting everything to Sync with my iPhone


Like many of the diabetes bloggers I have signed up for One Drop, I picked their promotional 3-month unlimited test strip plan.

So far I am liking it.  

I am mostly using the Bayer Countour Next meter as I have several months of test strips.  I am having to switch to One Touch Verio when I run out. My Bayer script was for 5 strips a day, and I haven't been using that many with a Sensor. The One Touch is for 4 strips. So far with One Drop I have been testing over 5 times.  

I have an iPhone and Apple Watch and I am loving how everything syncs.  The Bayer meter and my pump only talk to each other, but the One Touch, my scale and MyFitnesspal all share data. Workouts come from the watch.  

The coach is good but she needs to review the conversation before asking questions. 

The app has really helped with the Victoza adjustment. The last week doesn't count as I had an upper respiratory thing and sugars were higher. 

So right now, basal rates are half of what they were without Victoza, and I have started bolusing for meals again.  That is also half. My total usage is about half the insulin I was taking before Victoza.   My weight is slowly creeping down and my insulin usage should follow now that I have numbers I like.