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Loving #onedrop though yesterday sucked

Loving #onedrop–and getting everything to Sync with my iPhone

Adjusting my medication has been a challenge.  I signed up with One Drop when they had a promotional offer before Christmas.  Though right now, I want to maximize my insurance benefits.

Since I had been using the Medtronic sensor, and because I was hoarding supplies, I have quite a bit of test strips – and infusion sets, etc.

OneDrop has been helping me on using test strips and I’ll use it to insure I keep getting enough test strips – right now I’m limited to 4 a day

Anyway, when I first went on Victoza, I had a few lows.  The first change was to drop basal dosages by half and stop bolusing for meals.  The OneDrop system helped me realize that wasn’t working, I was running high.  For me, that’s a problem because it makes me crave carbs too much.  So I tried bolusing half the rate I was.  That works really well.

It took me a while to figure out that everything syncs, on the iPhone.  I have no idea if it does on Android.

It’s pretty easy to get that to work, I had the activity tracking on my Apple Watch working first – it was pretty easy to figure out, since I added OneDrop to one of my sources in Apple Health, and turned on all the categories.  I was logging my food with OneDrop that works pretty well.  It has most of the food I eat, even Jenny Craig, and can use the camera to read bar codes.  But I’m already a premium member with MyFitnessPal.  Guess what, if you have all your MyFitnessPal set up as a source and have all the categories turned on, that data will sync in OneDrop and you only have to log in one place.

Guess what – my scale will Sync too.  I have Nokia scale which talks to my WiFi.  Again, I had to go to sources, add it and make sure that all the categories are turned on.

And their Apple Watch app is nice – I can log blood sugar checks and bolus adjustments with it.