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Interesting eyeglass day

I found out about a great deal in eyeglasses in my neighborhood so I decided to finally break down and get two new pairs.  That was the great de

Called my eye doctor and said, can I get my prescription, I'll pick it up in a little bit.  They said fine, no problem.

I get there and they can't find it, even though they printed it and had the doctor sign it.

I get to the eye glass place and notice that the date is over two years old.  Whoops, wrong one.  So I call them and go back and get the right one.

Glasses get made up, and it COULD be my brain, but I'm pretty sure the right eye is completely wrong.  Guess what, that happened with my contacts, and they had to replace the contacts with the right prescription.

So I am trying the glasses again in the morning, if they are wrong, showing up at the doctor's office first thing, getting the right prescription and getting the two pairs fixed.

I have been barely putting up with the office staff for the past few years but love the doctor and I think one of her assistants wrote the wrong number in the first place.