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Final Bill -- @Pillpack left a very bad last impression
Thrilled with Diabetes America and Tom Thumb Prescription Plus

Very happy with Diabetes of America

In the past, if I want a prescription change, review of preauthorization I've had to make a doctor's visit to get it done.  I did that on Tuesday for my primary care physician.  I'm good with that.

Yesterday I want to the patient portal to ask for an Invokanna preauthorization since their phone system suggested that.

I got a phone call today which I couldn't take.  I did get assistance after 10 minutes on hold.  They told me that they did get the PA processed and it could take up to a week.   I asked, "do I need to make an appointment,  I would like to get all my 30 day prescriptions changed to 90 days."  Nope, they did it all over the phone!

<happy dance>