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Very happy with Diabetes of America
Non Scale Weight Loss Victory -- a new decade

Thrilled with Diabetes America and Tom Thumb Prescription Plus

I was initially going to move all of my non-packet medications to 90 day, but not Home Delivery.  Express Scripts has an option where we can pick up 90 day prescriptions from a Prescription Plus pharmacy so it doesn’t have to be shipped.

I went in to do the test strips first, last week and I got frustrated because they couldn’t transfer the 30 day script to a 90 and that I would have to get a new prescription from my doctor.

It was a few days later when I got distracted the Celebrex debacle.

As I mentioned a bit earlier, I talked with Diabetes America (it was around 3:00 pm), and I just got a call from Tom Thumb saying that they had my 90 day script on some of my medications but didn’t have enough medication in stock to fill it.

NO ISSUE!  I don’t need things until next Friday, so I’m even going to wait on the Celebrex until then.  i just contacted my primary care physician and asked for that to be switched too.

The last prescription is for restless leg, I have plenty and I see that doctor in a couple of weeks.