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So apparently I am no longer having allergic reactions to Humalog.  That was over 10 years ago and it was a process of elimination.

Yesterday I had a pretty carb heavy lunch, dosed with 8 units of insulin with no ill effects, so loaded up a cartridge with Humalog.  Have worn it since around 1:00 pm with no itching.  I’ll finish the vial to make sure.

Doctor did say that the Omnipod users were seeing some clumping in the summer with Humalog, but he didn’t realize that Novolog was more temperature tolerate – I do know you store it at a higher room temperature. 

So in a way, Express Scripts wins.  The plan is to switch to Humalog when I run out of Novolog – may save a vial or two for the summer.

As for Bayer Contour Next strips – Medtronics gets the insurance money through my durable equipment rather than going through the pharmacy.