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To @ExpressScripts about Formularies

I understand that you are trying to cut costs with your new formulary, but I think you are under the impression that doctors pick medications purely because they are new, different, like the advertising or the drug rep.

Nothing could be further than the truth.

I'm on Novolog. I've tried Apidra. I was on Humalog for three years. First insulin I tried. I never mentioned the itching sensation when I injected because I didn't realize it was abnormal.

Then they put me on an insulin pump because I was having real problems controlling my blood sugar. While I have really good control with the pump, I can't help but wonder if the insulin allergy is part of the original control issues, but I digress.

We spent three months switching adhesives, and doing all kinds of gyrations trying to figure out why I was having allergic reactions to my insulin sites. It would start out mild, and would get progressively worse as the time went on with that site.

Doctor handed me a vial of Novolog and had me change out everything. Itching installing went away. I have even injected Symlin with that slight stinging sensation (yeah, made by Lilly and bet it's that same ingredient). Probably get it with some other injectable medications too.

I have issues with other items that I have injected – Dexcom sensors for example.

However, you can't pay me enough money to put another Lily product in a needle and inject it.

I don't see Lilly fixing the problem – I'm in that 1% population.

But people – that's why there are other formulas. Thankfully there are other formulas.

@Expressscripts quit playing with my medications.